"True yoga is the condition of human beings living in complete harmony with nature - constantly changing, constantly balancing constantly searching for stability. Ultimately everything on this planet is led, unified, governed and guided by one and only one principle -the law of Nature." Masahiro Oki

Regular classes correct postural distortions and improve core strength and flexibility as well as increasing vitality, motivation and the ability to more effectively manage stress.

Classes are structured by season,time of day and the needs of those attending. Each class maintains a particular focus eg:


  • Strengthening the lower back and internal organs

  • Weight loss and changing stuck habits

  • Hormone balance - assists with PMS and menopause

  • Restoring vitality and motivation

  • Building immunity against colds and flu

  • Promoting better quality sleep and calm

All classes offer valuable tools for managing stress and anxiety. Fun partner exercises build strength and confidence, each class concluding with a 10 minute relaxing massage! If you are keen to attend a class in person or online just message Nicola on the contact form.


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Masahiro Oki

Masahiro Oki (1921-1985) author,

teacher-healer-philosopher and

originator of Oki-Do, a Japanese

holistic form of yoga. Respected

as one of the most extra-ordinary

yoga teachers in the world,

Masahiro Oki spent years at

Ghandi’s ashram.

He developed a unique, total health discipline of body, mind and spirit, combining the original essence of Indian Yoga with Zen Buddhism exercises, Shintoism practice, traditional Martial Arts and Do-In.

Oki-Do is quite different from Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram being the more common forms of yoga practiced in the west. In Oki-Do one practices unique poses in order to realize the imbalances within and correct these imbalances through movement and breathing techniques whilst constantly redirecting consciousness to where it is needed.