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I came to Shiatsu with an open curiosity and no greater expectation than the benefits of a good massage.  After my first session with Nicola I knew something profound had happened to my body and Nicola's treatments are now a fundamental part of my wellness regime.
    The shiatsu supports my self-care in a way I have never felt from any health practitioner before. In addition, her kind and gentle dietary advice has led me to make changes to my diet and my relationship with food that I never dreamed possible, resulting in immediate benefits to my wellbeing. 
The most spectacular result of her treatments is that since our second session I have completely stopped my daily asthma medication which had been a necessary dose of steroids since childhood!

​ Sally Swedlund - Auckland

​​I was diagnosed with lung cancer eleven years ago. The prognosis wasn’t good. Orthodox practitioners provided extreme courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
    Shiatsu seemed an ideal partner, enabling me to deal with the effects of those treatments - physically and emotionally - with a positive outlook. Nicola is warm, sincere, frank, funny, generous - and incredibly skilled. I have absolute trust in the hands-on therapy she provides, and alongside the physical benefits my body enjoys, there is always guidance and direction on an emotional and spiritual level. ​

​Sally Muir - Thames

 I was completely blown away by the results from Nicola's Shiatsu treatments. They were a huge help with several injuries and I experienced a radical boost in energy levels and overall health as a result – lasting results which really excited me.
     I started doing Nicola's Zen Yoga classes and then moved into Shiatsu training. I have been doing part time training with her for 18 months now, and thoroughly enjoy it. Her teaching method is fun, light, very informative and I enjoy the ‘hands on’ approach – where you get the practical aspect  right from the start.  
    Nicola is a fantastic practitioner with vast experience and a wealth of knowledge about the body and oriental medical systems. She operates with an extremely high level of integrity which is very important to me. I feel privileged to be learning from her.

​​​Derek Browne  - Auckland

Nicola Godward is a highly skilled practitioner of her craft.I have known her through the Shiatsu  treatments she has given to friend and stroke victim Chris Knox. He has shown his appreciation of her talents, in the only way he knows how …. to give her some powerful paintings drawn by his left hand.
Where  once he was a right handed artist of some repute …. through the care of people like Nicola, he has found finesse in his left hand.
    Having consultations with Nicola puts a spark back into Chris’s eyes and a spring back into his step.

Peter Tait - Auckland