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Energetic & Structural Body Work
Pain Relief from Injury & Stress Conditions
Anxiety, Depression & Trauma Resolution
Hormone balance. Improved Sleep
Nutritional Counselling. Corrective Exercise

STRESS is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response (fight or flight). Stress is a normal part of life and is experienced from your environment, your body or your thoughts.  


The most common psychological and emotional signs of stress are anxiety, depression, racing thoughts or constant worry, anger, irritability or restlessness, feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, difficulty making decisions and memory or concentration problems.

The body absorbs stress as a toxic energy. This toxic energy finds its way to the weakest organs or energy systems (eg. immune system, nervous system) and settles in, restricting the flow of Chi (life force). The body cannot heal in these conditions and over a period of time develops illness.

If you are stuck in a fight or flight situation or need help in removing emotional pain from losing a loved one, divorce, job, traumatic event or anything that causes anxiety or resentment there is a completely safe 100% natural solution using an East Asian therapy with positive results after just one session.

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